Mother’s Day Wine Punch Recipe

Now that I have another Easter hosting and baking under my belt, I’m geared up for Mother’s Day. You see, Mommy-ing is mostly sometimes a thankless job, yet I’m incredibly grateful and lucky for all the supportive moms who are in my life – my own mom, my mother-in-law, and my mom friends who will pick up my kids from school if I’m running late, who will drop off a treat for me or my kids, who will listen to me rant and rave about being called to the school…again. They are my wardrobe consultant, my drinking buddy, my workout partner, my therapist. Mothers rock! So to thank the moms in my life, I decided I will treat them to something sweet – an afternoon of wine pairings with desserts (because we all know that moms need wine every now and then).

Two Oceans sent me a couple of bottles of wine (perfect timing!) – a 2016 Shiraz and a 2016 Pinot Grigio.  I’m not usually a red wine drinker and I wouldn’t be able to tell you the difference between a Cabernet Franc and a Merlot because red wines give me a wicked headache so I usually stay away from reds.  Now white wines are a different thing.  I know what I like and if I do, I drink copious amounts of it.  I love a fruity acidic Riesling, a light crisp Pinot Grigio or a buttery Chardonnay, and to pair it with desserts is sublime.

Two Oceans wines hails from Western Cape of South Africa where the warm tropical Indian Ocean and the cold crisp Atlantic Ocean meet to create soil and climate conditions ideal for growing a variety of grapes.  With the Shiraz, I decided to make a wine punch for my Mother’s Day celebration.  I threw in my favourite flavours of citrus and pineapples (I’ve been obsessed with pineapples lately) and some sparkling water and ginger ale and TA-DAA! You’ve made wine punch!  The moms in your life will love you even more!



1 bottle of Two Oceans 2016 Shiraz

1 lemon cut into slices

1 orange cut into slices

1 lime cut into slices

1/4 cup lemonade (or OJ, and add more/less to your taste)

3 ounces of triple sec (or gin)

1 cup of berries

2 cups of pineapple chunks (or a can of pineapples with its juice)

4 cups of ginger ale or sparkling water (or a combination of the two)

2 TBSP sugar (optional if you find it not sweet enough)

Squeeze the juice from the citrus fruit into a large pitcher.  Add pineapple, lemonade, and triple sec and the bottle of Two Oceans Shiraz.  Chill overnight and before serving add ginger ale/sparking water, berries and lots of ice.  You can add 2 Tbsp of sugar if you find it is not sweet enough.

Interesting note to add, Two Oceans Shiraz wine punch did not leave me with a headache.  It was fruity, delicious and both the Pinot Grigio and Shiraz punch paired beautifully with the Strawberries and White Chocolate Swiss Roll (you can find the recipe on a past AZNModern post) as well as the cherry lemon squares I made.  Two Oceans wines are available at your local wine store.

~Carol (aka @bakingzen)

*Disclosure: I was provided with two bottles of Two Oceans wine for review purposes only.  Opinions expressed here are my own.


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