A Bikini A Day chats about why (and how) Caudalie fits into their insanely busy lifestyle

I count my blessings on having decent skin — proud of what my momma gave me, you know what I mean? Across the board, it’s hard to tell our ages thanks to our asian genes. But that doesn’t mean we don’t take care of our skin. Truth be told I am a big of really good (and even luxury) skincare products if I know they work.  If you have healthy skin it makes way for a better canvas to work with, right?

Recently Caudalie, a line from France, introduced a new line called Vine[Activ]. It caught my attention and hooked me in. I’ve been trying it for a month (I believe for proper reviews, you really need to settle into the product and the instructions before talking about it) and I’ve been pleased with the noticeable results.

Caudalie is a brand that I was first introduced to when I had visited the Miraj Caudalie spa located at the Shangri-La Hotel in Toronto. I was sent to the spa as a gift from my hubby. I had learned that this line originated in Bordeaux, France and was created by Mathilde Thomas who’s family’s estate is set in the vineyards.  After a leading Polyphenols specialist, Professor Joseph Vercauteren, pointed out to Mathilde that the vineyard was full of natural benefits for the skin at the same time she took note of the beautiful skin and noticeably less signs of aging of the women who worked in the vineyards. Together they began extracting rich benefits of the grape vines to create the natural line that began with two creams. Caudalie became the first brand to use grape-seed extract in the beauty industry. Today, the expansive line of botanical skincare  products are loved world wide.

According to the company’s website, this new line’s focus is to  “help your skin combat the effects of your busy lifestyle and initial signs of aging.” Which speaks to many of us. We don’t really have the time often to go through a series of products each and everyday. I probably do about 3 to 5 steps twice daily and if that’s enough to help slow down the wrinkles and sun spots appearing, you have my ear.

Two of their spokespeople Natasha Oakley and Devin Krugman are the lovely (and you  can’t hate them, they are seriously very nice!) two ladies behind the wildly popular “A Bikini A Day” – beach vibe and lifestyle bloggers and entrepreneurs. Their followers are upwards of 4 million and they manage every aspect of their business themselves without managers or investors. What is their site’s raison d’être ? “It’s about embracing yourself and about confidence. We don’t just talk about how to be confident we embody that ourselves.”

They spoke at the recent Canadian launch event and tell us that they are not ones who have much time to fuss around with beauty products but when they were introduced to the new line by Caudalie, they were curious as it spoke to their insanely fast-paced lifestyle. “If you follow us, you know our lifestyle is all over the place,” says Natasha. “We’ve recently moved into a new house, we were in LA, and travelling non-stop between LA, New York, London, Toronto, recently to chat about the new Caudalie line. There’s so much that goes behind the scenes, it’s crazy.”

This busy lifestyle of theirs means they are constantly jet-setting around. “Being on the plane as often as we are really destroys your skin,” said Krugman. “we’re often faced with pollution in the cities and going from snow to sun to basically everything in between. Even being on our phones and computers all the time basically is trauma to our skin. We haven’t really been thinking about protecting our skin from aging either but we’re at that stage where we need to start thinking about it. Now we’re happy that there’s something actually that fits exactly into our lifestyle and at the age that we’re at.”

Before this line, Oakley mentioned that they didn’t really have a skincare line that they stuck to religiously. “Honestly, we’re very low-maintenance so it’s nice to just have a range that is so naturally fitting for our lifestyle. We know that there are so many women like us who are constantly on the go with everyday life, we’re pretty sure this line will resonate with you. We are obsessed with it.”

SO, that got me. I’m in the same mindset. I’m pretty low-maintenance when it comes to my beauty regime. If I have to spend more than 15 minutes in the bathroom each morning to get ready for the day, then you’ve lost me. I decided to give Caudalie Vine[Activ] a go.

I wanted the minimum number of products and least amount of work, so I tried …

  1. Vine[Activ]Glow Activating Anti-Wrinkle Serum:
  2. Vine[Activ]3-in-1 Moisturizer
  3. Vine[Activ] Energizing and Smoothing Eye Cream

The results from the three products combined were already impressive after a couple days of using. Friends were commenting that I didn’t look as tired as I usually do. My skin had that healthy, fresh dewy look that I’ve been lusting over (and not that greasy mid-day look that I loathe).

The line is rich with polyphenols, vitamin c and other nutrients that have antioxidant and anti-wrinkle properties in their “anti-cell burn-out complex”. You can get all the ingredient details on the Caudalie site.

The Caudalie representatives also offer helpful tips on how to apply the skincare products to gain maximum benefits. Take note! I actually think they’re right on this and I’ve realized that I’ve been applying creams all wrong until now!

Step 1: apply serum to face and neck in as sweeping upward motion. Yes, neck. Have you heard of tech neck? Our generation is starting to see signs of aging in our necks that we haven’t noticed in women before us! Serums are potent and you don’t need too much. A couple of pumps is enough.

Step 2: warm a couple pumps of moisturizer between your fingers and massage in that sweeping upward motion once again. This moisturizer leave a very beautiful glow to your skin that lasts the day while offering a natural protection against harmful environmental stresses.

Step 3: light dab the Eye Cream along the contour of the skin below your eyes starting from the centre and moving outwards. Best to use your ring finger to gently dab into this delicate part of your face Your ring finger is actually your weakest so it’s ideal for gentle application! Makes sense! Hint: the  Eye Cream also makes for an ideal moisturizer for the lip area.

I was pretty happy at how quickly I could work the products into my lifestyle and even more thrilled at noticeable difference. You can find Caudalie products at Caudalie’s official website, at the Miraj Caudalie Spa located at the Shangri-La Hotel Toronto, and at Sephora.

BTW, we’ve also noticed that Shanghai fashion designer, Kiki Zhou is also a spokesperson for Caudalie!

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    I have Caudalie’s vinactiv 3 in 1 moisturizer from b-glowing and love the quality and results. I haven’t tried the other two yet but they are now on my wish list!

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