BEAUTY REVIEW: Riversol Exfoliating Glycolic Peel for smoother skin

Medi-spas have become the norm in the beauty industry. It’s the intersection between a spa and a visit to the dermatologist. Often not quite the bliss and pampering experience you’d get from a traditional spa — and yes, there’s a time and a place for that too! But my experience going to medi-spas is more efficient with faster results.

I’ve been going to a media-spa for a couple of years now. It started because I didn’t have smooth beautiful porcelain skin. Instead, thanks to cumulative years of sun damage (yes, I thought I was totally invincible when I was in my teen years) my skin started getting sun spots…and larger splotches. I was diagnosed with a skin condition called Melasma — often referred to as the “mask of pregnancy” that is common in women after giving birth to little humans.

I was introduced to the world of glycolic peels aka “lunch time peels” because they were conveniently done within 5 minutes and you could walk out of the treatment as if you had just gone to grab a coffee. I loved the results of this peel. it was applied  with a soft brush carefully avoiding eyes and mouth and left on for no more than five minutes…if I could stand it. Honestly, it’s like my face was on fire each time. My face was then doused with water…literally extinguishing the prickly feel of the acid and then I could breathe again. Sounds painful, I know… but it was a quick solution to deal with the sun spots and to smooth the texture of my skin. I seriously loved the results. But it didn’t come cheap and I  burning sensation isn’t pleasant. Maybe my threshold of pain is low?

Recently, I’ve noticed some beauty products on the market that have promises of smoother skin texture and offering radiance all done at home. Obviously the percentage of the active ingredients used in products sold to consumers is regulated for safety.

I had recently learned about Canadian skin care line, Riversol created by Dr. Jason Rivers — a board-certified dermatologist and clinical professor and program director of dermatology at the University of British Columbia Faculty of Medicine with over 30 years experience in the field. He began formulating the line for his own patients who had sensitive skin.

One rare ingredient in his formulas that truly sets this line apart from the other is Beta-Thujaplicin (aka Beta-T) — a derivative from the Pacific Red Cedar Tree that was researched extensively by Dr. Rivers  for its potent anti-oxidant property. He also discovered the ingredient also naturally contained anti-biotic and anti-inflammatory properties. He tested it out first with his colleagues, family and friends and then began offering it in a skin care line available only to his patients. Now it’s available for anyone who is interest and sold directly online.

While I do believe that when you use a certain skin care product that you keep within the same line in general to optimize the benefits. Not sure if that’s a fact..but I would think that when you have sensitive skin like I do, you’ll want to stick to a family of products from cleanser to eye cream to serums.

I’ve been using the complete line of Riversol for three weeks now. Morning and evening I would go through the routine of 4 steps. After the first week, I began introducing Reversal Exfoliating Glycolic Peel. I admit to being pretty excited about using this at-home product since I was already familiar with this type of peel. It’s MUCH gentler that what I would experience at the medi-spa.

It can be used once or twice a week applying to a fresh clean face and leaving the lotion on for no more than 20 minutes. No tingling feels, no burning sensations but a nice mild application that you won’t have to worry about. Then it’s rinsed off simply with water. It’s important to follow up with the moisturizer and sunscreen when you go outside!  I definitely noticed a smoother surface that is doesn’t feel like 5 layers of skin have been removed.

The results appear to definitely improve the texture of my skin but could it be that emerging wrinkles seem not as noticeable? I have had a few people comment about how I’m looking more refreshed lately but that’s hard for me to judge myself.  I do know that my skin feels smoother by touch.

If you’re interested in trying out this skin care line visit where you can received 15 days worth of samples to try out for free.





*Disclosure: I was provided with sample products for review purposes only. All opinions expressed here are 100% my own. No payment was received in writing this review. 


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  • Reply February 10, 2018

    Traci Busler

    Hey I recently decided to try the riversol sample trial kit,just by blind luck!I have been using for 2 wks,and wow,it really has made a visible difference with my fine lines,and my face feels much smoother,and I actually see some radiance there,I am definitely getting some more sample kits!it is pricey for the full line,but is seeming well worth it,so far

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