The Rock’s surprise summer action film with Apple’s Siri

Every summer we anticipate big blockbuster films to hit the theatres to entertain us. This year we can add Dwayne Johnson’s (aka The Rock)  latest film collaboration with Apple’s Siri to the roster as he dropped a teaser over the weekend on his social media pages. The film release came out early this morning and in true blockbuster form it’s action-packed and pure fun!

Wondering how Siri is involved? Think reliable partner and personal assistant — you know, the one who is always found in a super hero film and always there when you need them.

Watch ‘The Rock X Siri Dominate the Day’ and see how together they navigate through life from taking on his daily schedule to reviewing life goals.  It’s a fun overview of what Siri can do. The film is only available through the official Apple’s Youtube page.

From simple tasks like placing a phone call to more complicated tasks like creating location-based reminder or rearranging your calendar, here are just a few things Siri can do!

Calls: Siri is the best way to place a call – it’s the most popular use of Siri on iOS. Siri knows your contacts and learns relationships and nicknames – it also helps you find and call businesses.

Messaging. On the go or in your car, Siri is the perfect way to send a message or have your latest messages read to you.  Messaging is the second most popular use for Siri on iOS behind calls and the #1 use on Apple Watch.

Reminders & Alerts. Siri helps you stay on top of the things you need to get done by creating reminders and lists, and makes it easy to set an alarm or timer.

Contacts and Calendar. Siri keeps track of all your contact information and makes it easy to manage your calendar.

Navigation. Siri is great at getting you where you want to go, and helping you find and interact with businesses and places nearby. Check store hours, visit their website, read reviews, view photos, get directions, phone the business and more.

Photos and Selfies. Siri can find your favorite photos in the Photo app or open up the camera on command to take a selfie.

Going out. When going out for the evening Siri can help you find a restaurant, get directions or schedule a ride, split the bill, calculate the tip and settle up with a friend through different payment services.

Entertainment & Media. Siri helps you access your favorite music, TV shows, movies, podcasts and audio books. Going beyond basic start and stop playing controls, Siri personalizes your listening and viewing experience, queuing up content across devices and answering questions.

Sports. Siri stays current on the latest sports scores and information for your favorite teams and leagues, as well as schedules, standings, rosters, stats, odds and historical stats.

Managing your home. With HomeKit, Siri helps you control everything from your thermostat to your lights to your security system. With an Apple TV, you don’t have to be home to control your HomeKit devices. For example, you can use a “scene” to ask Siri to set the “I’m home” scene when leaving work so when  you get there, your house will be bright and warm, waiting for you to settle in.

Exercise & Workouts: With Siri, you can control your workout apps on your iPhone and Apple Watch. For example, you can tell Siri to start a run or another type of workout like cycling or cardio.

Settings & System Preferences. Siri can manage your devices on command, such as turning on WIFI, opening location settings, etc.

Launch Apps. With a single request, Siri opens any of your apps on command, whether it’s messaging friends with WhatsApp or QQ, booking a ride on Uber, Lyft or Didi, sending money with Square Cash or Venmo, making a call with Viber or Skype, finding photos on Pinterest or Facebook, or checking and paying bills.

Get help in emergencies. Siri has literally been a lifesaver. For support in emergency situations, Siri can dial 911, find the closest hospital, recommend an appropriate hotline or suggest local services. With “Hey Siri,” users can initiate these services without touching their iPhone.






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