Beauty Pick of the Day: Avène YsthéAL Intense Anti-Wrinkle Skin Renewal Concentrate

I’ve come across Avène YsthéAL Intense Anti-Wrinkle Skin Renewal Concentrate and have been testing it out for two months now.  Before you turn away thinking that you don’t need anti-wrinkle creams, all the experts have been telling us that it’s good to start before the signs of lines and wrinkles begin to show. Be proactive and take care of your skin is key.

Avène is is a skin care line that has over 270 years of expertise particularly for sensitive skin. This history actually stems back to mid 1700s where the small town of Avène (France) built the first thermal springs facility to treat patients suffering from a variety of skin issues from eczema to burns. The therapeutic properties of the Avène Thermal Spring Water attracted the attention of doctors in Europe and the facility’s reputation grew. Today, the root of the line continues to be the Thermal Spring Water, a natural soothing source that softens and calms the skin. I usually carry a bottle of the water to spritz on while away on vacation for the entire family. But this particular skin care concentrate is one that caught my attention recently.

PRODUCT REVIEW: Avène YsthéAL Intense Anti-Wrinkle Skin Renewal Concentrate


This intensive anti-aging care with renewing effect reduces aging signs thanks to a unique and patented  combination of highly-concentrated ingredient (retinaldehyde, G.G.O., Pre-topopheryl, Avène thermal spring water). This product visibly improves skin quality. Skin texture is refined, wrinkles are visibly smoothed, skin has more tone, and the complexion is evened out.

HOW TO USE IT: Consider it your night cream. You won’t need to use anything else unless you have really dry skin but don’t use another anti-aging product with it. The company suggests to use complete bottles 2 to 3 times each year.


Over the past few years, I’ve noticed that my skin has become more sensitive. My years of loving the sun (and realizing the sun doesn’t love me back) has produced gradually noticeable brown spots on my face. I started using this product only at night as directed after cleansing. Reason is the Retinaldehyde is photosensitive so it would lose it’s effectiveness when expose to the daylight. But note that it’s not photosensitizing meaning it won’t make your skin more sensitive to the sun.  It’s a one-step pump that’s easy for the lazy person in me. I’m not into multi-step regimes generally particularly in the summer months unless I’m testing a product.

After about two weeks of using this concentrate, I started to notice a difference in texture on my skin. It started feeling smoother and there was less redness.  Friends have commented that I don’t look so tired. Er…thanks! I think.  While I realized that an over the counter skin care product won’t completely diminish by sun spots completely (I’ve had to go for glycolic peels to deal with stubborn skin problems) it does appear to have made them less prominent. It’s now been two months and I would confidently report that my skin has a healthier glow (not sweat, it hasn’t been that hot out this summer yet!)


Definitely use a sunscreen during the day!

If you have sensitive skin ease into using this product by starting every other night.

I should mention that the product does discolour your sheets. However, this isn’t uncommon if you’ve used other skin care products that have brightening ingredients. Just know that you may not want to put your best one out.

WHO’S IT FOR: For all skin types. Not recommended for women who are pregnant.


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