Beauty Review: Laneige two tone lipstick for effortless ombré lips

One of the most popular beauty trends this year is still going strong. Ombré lips are everywhere and if you’ve followed any of the YouTube beauty tutorials it often takes a few steps and a few products to achieve that stunning look. Well, when I tried beauty-cult favourite Laneige Two Tone Lipsticks, life got much easier!

There are currently eight colour combinations here in Canada available from this popular K-beauty brand (available at Sephora). Summer favourites of mine include No.11 Juicy Pop that goes on as a soft yellow and a complementary pinky colour. The No.3 Pink Salmon offers up two shades of candy pink perfect for sun kissed skin.

Looking towards the fall season Laneige’s softer No.7 Cashmere Nude is warm and subtle. I’m also loving No. 10 Burgundy Love with a hint of deep wine that is a cozy classic to pair with my favourite looks of the season (I’m hoarding this one). Both of these colour combinations should still be in stores now and you’ll want to keep an eye out for new ones too.

How does it wear? The creamy colours lasted for several hours because of it’s high-definition pigmentation. You can deepen the effect with several strokes for nights out or leave it at one or two sweeps for a subtler ombré effect for the day.

Application was very easy:

  1. Start with lower lip by applying the darker colour on inner edge and lighter colour on outer edge.
  2. For the upper lip, simply flip the lipstick and apply darker colour on inner edge and lighter colour on outer edge.
  3. Then gently close the lips to bend the two colours.

If your lips are dry, use a balm before applying the lipstick. You may also opt to use a gloss over the top if you like a shinier effect. I like the semi-matte look it creates on it’s own.

Laneige Two Tone Lipstick ($35 CDN) can be found at

Check out this YouTube video with Lee Sung Kyoung…





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