Toronto Zoo is throwing a birthday party for the Giant Panda Cubs

I admit that I’ve now visited the Toronto Zoo five times since the baby pandas were born. Time flies as Jia Panpan and Jia Yueyue will be celebrating their 2nd birthday this coming weekend and of course, you know there will lots of partying going on!

According to the site’s updates, the panda cubs are considered to be sub-adults now and they are just over 1/3 the size of their mom, Er Shun.

Er Shun gave birth to the babies on October 13, 2015. The first cub was born at 3:31 am and the second at 3:44 am.

What do their names mean?

  • Jia Panpan (male) means Canadian Hope
  • Jia Yueyue (female) means Canadian Joy

We’re all invited to celebrate along with them at their official birthday parties on Friday, October 6, Saturday, October 7 and ¬†Sunday, October 8th. The parties will include party snacks, various panda themed activities, crafts, interactive educational presentations, and a chance to take photos with the Zoo’s Giant Panda mascot.

This is a private ticket event and limited spaces available. Visit for full details of the party times, admission and additional party ticket prices and book ahead of time.

You can also view them on a live stream daily on the Telus Giant Panda Cam! Highly recommended for your daily dose of happiness!

If you haven’t visited the Giant Pandas yet, plan on it soon as they won’t be here much longer! As part of a long-term conservation partnership agreement between China and Canada, China has loaned two giant pandas (Da Mao and Er Shun) to two Canadian Zoos for a ten year period. Toronto Zoo started as the breeding home for the pair for the first five years. The panda family will be relocating to the Calgary Zoo sometime in 2018.

Here’s a video clip from last winter of Jia Panpan and Jia Yueyue playing in the snow. Too cute, right?

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