Just Netflix and….Google?

You’ve heard of the phrase “Netflix and Chill”, right? Well, you can certainly Google it if you don’t. Then come back. I’ll wait.

Okay? Got it? Good.

For Netflix users, the term has been lingering for a few years now but with a treasure trove of new original content that keeps popping up on my home screen I find myself “Googling” more than chillin’. I’m not the only one. In fact, if you search up what people are looking for related to Netflix on Google Trends, you can get sucked in for hours on searching that itself!

So, what ARE people searching for? There are endless reasons. For historical dramas like THE CROWN¬†or NARCOS, viewers are interested in finding out more about the facts behind the story lines. For entertaining shows like DISJOINTED I found myself, googling more about Kathy Bates and uh, finding out more about the growth popularity with the medicinal use of cannibis. Research, mom…research!

I’m obsessed with STRANGER THINGS. Season 2 premieres October 27th so I had an interest in searching up the “best quotes” from the show just for fun. I also started Googling the show’s soundtrack of 80s music and discovered a Stranger Things playlist on Spotify created by a fan. “Should I Stay or Should I Go” by The Clash will forever haunt me now.

When I went to Google Trends for Stranger Things, this came up…

What’s going on PEI that makes you the number one region in Canada searching this series?

Googling the shows definitely is fun to gain more insight and inspire curious minds to go further with any discussions or questions about the shows with family and friends. Even kids! After watching MOANA we went searching for more about Polynesia culture and folk lore….Okay, I may have been searching up what Dwanye Johnson is up to these days too!

From searching up GMOs (thank you BILL NYE) to illusions (whoa…BRAIN GAMES) we’re exploring more than ever before. So, yeah, we’re “Netflix and Googling”.

By the way, did you see the Stranger Things: The Game app? Get sucked right back into the 80’s! Available for free through iOS and GooglePlay








*Full disclosure: I am part of the Netflix Canada Stream Team 2017. What’s that? This is not a paid post but I have access to supporting publicity material and press releases for stories that I think would be of interest to the readership. On occasion I attend events hosted by Netflix for research purposes. Sometimes they send me popcorn and socks. All opinions are my own!

Sonya is the Co-Founder and Managing Editor of AZNmodern.com. She is also a well-established contributing lifestyle writer to other sites and magazines sharing her passion for arts & culture, fashion, beauty, travel and food. Sonya is based in Toronto, Canada. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @theculturepearl

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