The Swatch Woof just released for Chinese New Year

We are into the Christmas season but I thought I’d bring this cutie to your attention! The coming year will be the Year of the Dog and Swatch has just released the limited-edition SWATCH WOOF to commemorate ringing in the new year celebration (first day of new year is February 16, 2018)

Those who were born in the Year of the Dog are said to be loyal and brave. According to, the Dog also symbolizes kindness and compatibility. People born in the year of the dog often offer kind words and useful advice and are good listeners. They often become deeply involved in others’ lives and are sometimes perceived as nosy. But they really want others to just be happy! Happiness is more important to people born in the Year of the Dog more than wealth, money or success.

If you’re a Dog, you’re also very determined and you value friendship above all. You’re trustworthy and reliable. We’ve also discovered that Dogs can also be temperamental and stubborn at times. When this happens, you’ll probably find this person likes to take some time to be alone to sort things out.

But when it comes to relationships, they have trouble trusting others – even though they are trustworthy themselves! It can take a long time before a Dog feels at ease with another person. And as for career, coworkers can always count on Dogs to help out. Always willing to learn something new or help alleviate work loads. They are valuable employees!

By the way, you’re most compatible with people born in the year of the Horse or Tiger. You’re least compatible with the Rooster and Dragon.

2018 also means it’s an EARTH DOG year. Under this element, these particular Dogs are grounded in reality and their sense of fairness means they are most supportive of others.

The playful design will be a hot collectible and we’re hoping SWATCH will continue expand this Chinese New Year collection each year!

The SWATCH WOOF is now available at Swatch Stores nationally and at Retails for $100 CDN.

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