launches Chinese audiobooks just in time for Chinese New Year

I’ve recently downloaded the app onto my iPhone to catch up on some good reads that have been on my list. While I love reading, I sometimes need to just give my eyes a break, you know what I mean? I’ve been listening to audiobooks in transit and when I’m at the gym and it’s been really handy. I love a good story!

News came out last week about launching dedicated Chinese content to usher in the New Year. I’m excited about this as I had glanced through the offerings and there’s quite an extensive selection.

There are currently over 650 audiobooks in Mandarin and will continue to expand the collection. I’ll let my parents know about the current library featuring best-selling contemporary mysteries and thrillers, audio dramas, romances, classics and even Chinese translation of popular English content. Among the titles available today are 鬼吹灯鬼吹燈 (Candle in the Tomb), 步步惊心 – 步步驚心 (Scarlet Heart), and西游记- 西遊記 (Journey to the West). Audible has suggested books for Chinese New Year right now.There is also Chinese content for little ones including Classic Nursery Rhymes and other stories. For those who are interested in learning material, there are several available as well.

What I love about Audible is the stories are told by trained actors from around the world. I also love the ability to sample the book before committing to the full download plus if you’re not happy with the selection you can swap it for another one for free. is a membership service  that is $14.95 per month. You get a credit each month that’s good for any audiobook.  If you’re new to the service, you can get your first book free with the 30-day trial.



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