Sneak a peek at Butter Avenue’s Macaron Day in support of SickKids Foundation

Macaron Day has become the first sign of spring for me next to the crocus blossoms peeking out of the thawing ground. I’ve come to associate March 20 as a day to gather with friends and make our annual trek around the city in search of the most interesting macaron flavours. Keeping an eye on a few of my favourites a few days ahead helps me plan my route. But Macaron Day is not just celebrated in Toronto, the day is recognized around the world. The little French sweetie is loved everywhere including Paris, New York, Tokyo, and London.

One of my favourite places for macarons is Butter Avenue (477 Queen Street West at Spadina), no surprise. The Toronto-based patisserie focuses on traditional French pastries but often with a twist. What I also like about them is they use natural and preservative free ingredients.

Macaron Day isn’t just about celebrating the delicate airy french delight, it’s also about supporting local charities. Always has been. Butter Avenue has announced it will be donating 25% of the day’s sales to SickKids Foundation.  “The reason to celebrate Macaron Day is to give back,” said Tina Su, Executive Chef at Butter Avenue. “We have been a long time supporter of the SickKids Foundation and embrace what the organization stands for. Giving back to the community is a priority for us, we are thrilled to raise awareness and funds for this important charity.”

Last year, SickKids Foundation embarked on an unprecedented $1.3 billion dollar fundraising campaign to transform the Hospital into a state-of-the-art facility. It’s been almost 70 years since the main building  was built and while the world’s most advanced medical technology and leading medical experts can be found here, the infrastructure simply cannot keep up anymore. We’ve all been touched by this hospital whether it’s our own family or someone’s we know, it’s undeniably an important hospital for many locally and globally. You call follow along this campaign on social with #SickKidsVS

Butter Avenue has given us a sneak peek at a few of their Macaron Day flavours. By the way, they will be revealing 40 limited edition flavours for this one day only. You’ll also find Chef Tina Su creating fresh Cotton Candy Macarons on site. While supplies lasts!

Also, I’ll be hoarding The Dragon (made with orange blossom creme and dragon fruit) that was inspired by the patients at SickKids Hospital. “The strength and power they have just like strong little dragons, fighting the sickness everyday,” said Chef Tina.

Here’s what else you can expect at Butter Avenue this Macaron Day! There are four categories (Sweet Table, Farmer’s Market, Lounge Bar, and Tea Salon)

Black Sesame – made from scratch with pan fried black sesame creme

Birthday Cake – vanilla butter & chiffon, cake sprinkles

Irish Coffee – Bailey’s Irish creme for adults

Lavender Apricot – Lavender creme with apricot jelly

Popping Candy – strawberry ganache and popping candy

Magic Moon – strawberry papaya green tea creme

NY Cheesecake – the name says it all

Creme Brûlée – sweet cream with a hint of burnt sugar

Pina Colada – pineapple coconut

Taiwanese Mountain Tea – smooth and rich tea leaves steeped from the highest mountain range.

Other specials will include Mimosas and Chai Lattes!




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