Men’s Style File: Summer is for White Sneakers

With the heat finally hitting the city and summer fully upon us, it’s time to bust out the linen everything, stock up on sunscreen and ready those white sneakers. Although I thoroughly enjoy my leather oxfords, especially with brogues, sneakers just seem more fun and comfortable for the hot weather. Besides, summer is the time of year to rock the casual look and the season for clean, white sneakers. The following is a list of white sneakers in my personal rotation this summer.

Adidas Ultraboost
Have you tried an Adidas Ultraboost? They might be pricey but these things are very comfortable. Originally released in 2014, these are since been crowned the king of comfort. The styrofoam looking midsole is largely responsible for making you feel like you are walking on clouds. Although designed as running shoes the Ultraboost doubles as a great casual sneaker that you can walk around with all day without feeling fatigue. The knit upper of the shoe allows great breathability for the hotter days and they fit snugly around the feet like a sock for even more comfort. The outsoles are provided by German tire makers Continental which provides great grip on almost all surfaces. Available in a myriad of colours and styles, these are a must have sneaker for anyone who wants the ultimate in comfort. It helps that these are also very stylish and can easily pair with casual wear like sweatpants or pinrolled jeans.

Adidas Stan Smith
The iconic white tennis shoes with almost 50 years of history. This is a pair a sneakers that has staying power and although the hype has waned since its 2014 relaunch, the Stan Smith remains a staple as a casual sneaker with clean lines and a classic silhouette. It looks best in all white and goes well with anything casual and can sometimes even be used with business casual. These sneakers are easy to find and inexpensive, which means there is very little reason not to have one.

Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66
Before Asics was Asics, they were known as Onitsuka Tiger. This Japanese shoemaker has a long history and the Mexico 66 model is named after the shoes worn in the 1966 pre-trails to the 1968 summer Olympics in Mexico City. That’s when Onitsuka Tiger earned its now iconic stripes and although Asics has carveda niche amongst avid runners, its Onitsuka Tiger sub-brand is still churning out classic shoes packed with history and cachet. The Mexico 66 is a sleek, thin runner available in different colors with multicoloured strips that accentuate its slick profile. These sneakers are thin and flat and don’t have much arch support nor cushioning but they are still comfortable and easy for all day wear and they go really well with slim fit jeans or a pair of slim chinos. With a small cult following amongst vintage sneaker fans, the Mexico 66 comes in different finishes and colourways with prices ranging from under $100 to over $400 for the buttery soft lambskin versions hand made by master shoemakers in Japan.

Nike Air Force 1
“I said give me two pair cause I need two pair so I can get stomping in my Air Force Ones” says Nelly in his 2002 hit about his love for Nike’s Air Force Ones. How many shoes can claim to have a song about it? Rocked by the likes of Drake, Kanye and Kobe this classic has reached celebrity status and rumor has itthat Dr.Dre wears a fresh pair each day. These are the first basketball shoes to use Nike’s air technology back in 1982 and has been released in more than 1000 versions! The Air Force One may be one of the most commercially successful shoes over the course of its lifetime. Originally designed as a basketball shoe, the Air Force Ones have a solid look to them with a thick midsole designed for stability. With clean yet strong lines, these sneakers have presence without being loud. The all white low tops are perhaps the most popular and best suited for the summer.

Puma Thunder
We are deep in the throes of Dad shoe popularity this summer. Ever since Balenciaga released the super chunky Triple S sneakers, the polarizing trend towards chunky 90’s style sneakers has reached a fervor. The problem with the Balenciaga is that it starts at over$800USD. Luckily (depending on your opinion of dad shoes) there are other sneaker manufacturers capitalizing on the chunky soled shoe trend and Puma has won the first round. The Thunder looks like a shoe from the 90’s, with its chunky layered sole and wavy splashes of colour yet it seems more tastefully done than many other designer sneakers riding on the dad shoe trend. The Puma Thunders come in different colourways and retail for $120USD, making this dad shoe more accessible than the offerings from the designers and certainly looking the part.

Common Projects Achilles
This relatively obscure brand has been making classically simple sneakers since 2004 and has become a cult favourite for those who love high quality minimalist sneakers. These luxury shoes are expensive, retailing above $400; however, their quality is also top notch. Hand crafted in Italy out of buttery soft Italian nappa leather, these sneakers have a sleek and clean silhouette devoid of superfluous details and branding. The large swathes of leather are held together and attached to the dense rubber sole with flawless, heavy stitching and the interior is lined in lambskin and nubuck to coddle the feet. The elegance of the design comes through in its simplicity which makes the Common Projects Achilles an extremely versatile sneaker. It will go with just about anything from shorts to a casual suit. With its simple lines, timeless design and comfort for all day walking, these Common Projects sneakers would be a perfect choice to walk with style down the numerous promenades of the Amalfi coast in the summer.

Puma RS-0
Another vintage sneaker offering from Puma on the list, the RS-0 is a recent release with a design taken straight out of the archives of yore. In fact, the RS-0 looks very similar to a “smart shoe” called the RS Computer that Puma made in the 80’s which had the capability of tracking steps and counting calories. The current RS-0 has no tech gear, but its initial release models are inspired by vintage video game colours. Using an old school design and infusing it with bold primary colors, the RS-0 is may favorite vintage style sneaker release so far. These sneakers are bold but not overtly chunky so I would not call it a dad shoe; however, it rocks an old school design with strong colour accents in a fun package.

Chuck Taylor
Timeless classic, practical, great for lifting, versatile, inexpensive, iconic, nuff said.

There you go, that’s my list of white summer sneakers. Any other suggestions?

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