There’s a #GoldOpen movement in support of Crazy Rich Asians

The excitement is building after last night’s World Premiere in Hollywood of Crazy Rich Asians. The stars walked the red carpet in L.A. complete with the A-list treatment they all have rightfully earned and deserve. We are beyond proud! Truly crying tears of joy as we’ve been obsessing and taking in all the news and interviews to date.

What was first a deliciously fluffy, and well-written, novel by Kevin Kwan turned book series, turned feature film is much more than a fun and highly entertaining film.

Lead actor Constance Wu explained the importance on Twitter recently:

We know many are planning to see it…at least once. Count me in. I’ll probably go at least three times. By the way, if you haven’t read the book just know that you don’t need to before seeing the film…but you’ll want to after for sure. My friend Daniel, who invited me to join him at a VIP screening at TIFF last week hadn’t read the book and isn’t of Asian decent, but was incredibly  washed with happiness stating that it’s now one of his favourite films of all time. My heart swells.

As a female of Asian decent, I had wanted to go into acting but when I was younger I was told there weren’t many roles opened to Asians in North America. The roles were stereotypical and very limited… the restaurant worker, laundry mat owner, the hired help, the mysterious sexy call girl, the smart but nerdy school girl or math teacher. But the cast of Crazy Rich Asians proves that the talent is here and we’re supporting this film whole-heartedly.

There’s a movement happening around the opening week of Crazy Rich Asians and we hope you’ll support it too.


Over 100 creatives, founders and leaders have bought out theatres for the opening days of Crazy Rich Asians in the US and supporters, through, can help by purchasing these tickets through the site.

Here in Canada we’re spreading the word also to help the #GoldOpen movement and hope that you’ll spread the news and join us!  Grab everyone (and your mother) to see the film during the opening week…then go again!

Make it an epic night! My friends and I will celebrate with a Crazy Rich Asian night out on the town.

Crazy Rich Asians officially opens August 15, 2018.

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