Traditional Puppet Theatre company HACHIOJI KURUMA NINGYO from Japan coming to Toronto

Legendary fifth-generation Japanese puppet master KORYU NISHIKAWA V returns to Toronto with HACHIOJI KURUMA NINGYO for the company’s first full-scale production in Canada with live shamisen players and chanters. This rare performance of female-focused stories will be on stage at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre on Friday, March 8, 2019.

The company will perform three female-focused stories from classic Japanese literature: KUZUNOHA, about a mother’s undying love for her child; TSURI ON’NA, a comical piece about “fishing” for a wife and YUGAO, a new work from Nishikawa based on a story from Murasaki Shibibu’s classic epic The Tale of Genji

Kuruma Ningyo, literally means “puppets on wheels,” referring to Nishikawa’s unique technique in which the puppeteer sits atop a three-wheeled dolly, adding an element of dynamism and power to each of these awe-inspiring female characters from classical literature. 

Performance in Japanese with English subtitles.

The Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre is located at 6 Garamond Court. For more information visit

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